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Taketomi Island is the small island near Ishigaki Island. It has only 2km diameter and does not take much to look around the island. Yet, there are many attractive spots. For example, almost entire village is preserved in the traditional style. If you walk around the village, you will see houses covered by red tiled roofs and have lion statues on its roofs. This lion statue was meant to ward of any evil sprits. Additionally, the water buffalo ride will take you to this unique village in slow rhythm. After having relaxing time in Taketomi Island, Before leaving Okinawa, you will stop at shopping center. If you are looking for a souvenir, this is a place to shop around.

Cosa c'è da sapere

I posti a disposizione sono limitati, si consiglia, quindi, di prenotare per tempo. Please note: The tour is mostly by coach. Space is limited, so please book early. Wheechair access is limited @ Taketomi Island. May not be able to participate in Baffalo Ride.