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Iriomote Island is located 40mins away from Ishigaki island by ferry. It is the largest island of Yaeyama. Nowadays, nature tour is very popular amongst tourists since natural resources are rich in subtropical weather. In this tour, you will visit Nakamagawa river, Japan's largest Mangrove area. The cruise will guide you to mysterious jungle of Mangrove. It offers the scenery of various species of plants and creatures that are only can be seen in Iriomote. Yufu Island is known as the subtropical flora paradise, where many plants exist. In this island, there are 30 varieties of hibiscus and more than 100 different kinds of trees. You will be accessing this island by water buffalo ride.

Cosa c'è da sapere

I posti a disposizione sono limitati, si consiglia, quindi, di prenotare per tempo. Please note: The tour is mostly by coach. Space is limited, so please book early. Wheechair access is limited @ Iriomote Island. May not be able to participate in Baffalo Ride.