Goryokaku Half day

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Goryokaku Half day

Cosa vediamo

View of Mt.Hakodate and the Tsugaru Straits from the observatory. The star-shaped vista that shines on the grounds of Goryokaku Fort, a special historic spot.

Goryokaku Tower in height 107m, from the observatory Hakodate and Tsugaru Strait, Yokotsu mountain range of mountains, and you can see the view of the star that shines in a special historic site Goryokaku of the earth. Exhibition to have stand, exhibition space and "Goryokaku history corridor" that history can learn of Goryokaku, visible under the floor of tempered glass, taste mood in the air walk "see-through floor", original goods is complete you do not buy or was here It was "shop", and such as soft-serve ice cream and coffee to enjoy "cafe stand". Edges of the deep Shinsengumi Deputy-Hijikata Toshizo bronze image of the Goryokaku also been published.

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