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Today’s tour offers an authentic journey of discovery of Vladivostok, exploring the city by coach and on foot as we travel from the mountains to the sea, admiring iconic monuments, important sites and stunning views before ending the day with some souvenir shopping.

Cosa vediamo
  • Zolotoj Bridge
  • Eagle’s Nest and monument to Saints Cyril and Methodius
  • Sportivnaya Gavan port
  • Walk along Arbat and Central Square
  • S-56 submarine and Arc de Triomphe
  • Souvenir shopping
  • Visit to Russian Orthodox Church

Cosa facciamo
  • From the port we will travel by coach to Vladivostok, a vibrant city in the Russian far east. Located in the hills overlooking Golden Horn Bay, the city has retained its ancient roots while embracing modernity and offers a fascinating insight into Russian culture.
  • We will travel along Zolotoj Bridge suspended above the bay, its spectacular white supports contrasting spectacularly with the blue ocean, to reach the Eagle’s Nest, a viewpoint located at the highest point of the city and offering stunning views over the ocean and the harbour below.
  • We will admire the monument to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, dubbed the "Apostles to the Slavs” and venerated throughout Russia. The statue of the two saints is backed by a futuristic metal sculpture, exemplifying the unique fusion of old and new and providing the perfect foreground for some artistic photography.
  • We will continue our tour at the picturesque port of Sportivnaya Gavan, one of the city’s most popular districts and a bustling centre of cafés, street food stalls and entertainment along the beach.
  • We will stroll along the Arbat, a busy pedestrianised street known for its designer shops, gourmet restaurants and eye-watering prices!
  • We will emerge from the crowded street at Central Square, a popular area of the city often used to host events and markets and offering an excellent opportunity to take some memorable photographs of the city’s palaces and monuments.
  • Our tour continues with a visit to the imposing submarine S-56, now a fascinating naval museum, and the Arc de Triomphe, a replica of the monument built in 1891 to honour the future Tsar Nicolas II which was destroyed by the Bolsheviks. We will admire its unusual pagoda-style structure, yet another example of the fusion of different cultures that characterises this fascinating city.
  • Our next stop is a souvenir shop where we can browse the vast selection of goods on offer and choose some unique keepsakes to take back home.
  • Our tour ends with a visit to a Russian Orthodox Church, where we will gain an insight into Russian spirituality and the ancient religious traditions of this unique culture.