World Heritage Senganen & Shochu without lunch

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The Senganen, also known as Isoteien, was originally constructed in 1658 by the wealthy Shimazu Clan, a powerful family during the Edo Period (1603 – 1867) and it is a traditional Japanese garden and stately home in Kagoshima.

The garden boasts spectacular views of active volcano Sakurajima, and the house provides a glimpse into the lifestyle of a powerful feudal lord.

Senganen and the surrounding area was fundamentally important in the modernization of Japan.

It was here that Western industrial technology was introduced to Japan, studied and used in the creation of modern factories.

Shoko Shuseikan is a museum set in a 150 year old stone building originally used as a machine factory.

Nearing the end of the Edo Period, the Shusei Industrial Complex was constructed on the Senganen Garden sites as an effort to produce iron for shipbuilding and cannons. Whereas most of these industrial constructions are no longer standing, you can still visit the foundations of furnaces and a few other surviving structures, which had been designated as World Heritage Sites in 2015 as part of the Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution.

Next, you'll visit Tenmonkan for shopping. You'll find Kagoshima's popular souvenirs, confections, shochu and more.

There are some popular shops such as 'Shirokuma' shave ice, and Kagoshima Ramen. Before returning to the port we will visit the Muso brewery which is company of Shochu(Japanese distilled liquor). You'll enjoy tasting and walking around the inside of brewery.

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