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This excursion explores the fascinating geological heritage of Jeju, a volcanic island characterised by its unique natural formations: we will visit a fascinating volcanic crater and a spectacular tunnel of lava that flows below the Earth's surface.

Cosa vediamo
  • Sangumburi crater
  • Manjanggul cave
  • Lava tunnel

Cosa facciamo
  • Leaving the port behind, we will travel inland to visit the Sangumburi crater, one of the three largest volcanic craters on the island. Carpeted in lush vegetation, the natural formation is so perfect in shape it seems almost sculpted by man.
  • We will observe the extraordinarily rich plant life of the crater, which hosts 420 species of sub-tropical plants, alpines and vegetation typical of temperate climates. earning it particular acclaim among botanists.
  • Next, we will travel along the north coast to visit another geological wonder recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Manjanggul cave, a spectacular tunnel of lava created by the flow of a river of incandescent magma through the rock, leaving a network of deep tunnels and caves.
  • We will descend a short flight of steps immersed in vegetation before walking through the still and silent tunnel, exploring the one-kilometre-long section of cave which is open to the public.
  • We will admire the incredible rock formations and spectacular concretions which adorn the cave, including the eye-catching turtle-shaped rock created by the flowing lava which is particularly fabled for its resemblance to Jeju island itself.
  • At the end of the tour, we will return to the ship with a collection of wonderful memories!

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