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This tour takes us on a journey to discover Busan's ancient past and modern present, visiting the much-celebrated ancient temple of Beomeosa and two modern shopping centres in the city centre.

Cosa vediamo
  • Beomeosa Buddhist temple
  • The Bay 101
  • Lotte Department Store - Gwangbok Branch
  • Musical fountain and rooftop garden

Cosa facciamo
  • Leaving the port behind, we will travel to the forested slopes of Mount Geumjeongsan to reach our first destination: the Beomeosa Buddhist Temple, a magnificent building commissioned in 678 by Uisang, an important Korean Buddhist monk.
  • We will pass through the temple's impressive gateways located at various heights along the hillside, and ascend to admire the exquisite fusion of Korean and Japanese architecture unique to the site, finally reaching the main hall to marvel at its enchanting ceiling carved with intricate floral motifs.
  • For our next destination, we will fast-forward through centuries of history to immerse ourselves in modernity at The Bay 101, a fashion complex located on the island of Dongbaek just a stone’s throw away from the enchanting Haeundae beach. The exclusive complex features a yacht club, elegant cafés, vibrant bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces, surrounded by a sensational urban landscape illuminated with glittering lights.
  • Our final destination is the Lotte Department Store - Gwangbok Branch, an exclusive shopping centre where we can browse the shops and admire the latest fashions of local and international designer labels.
  • The shopping centre offers more than just retail therapy: one of its main attractions is a magnificent musical fountain which, according to Guinness, is the largest of its kind in the world. The complex also boasts a beautifully manicured rooftop garden which offers spectacular views over the city.

Cosa c'è da sapere

Please Note_:_ The order of the itinerary may vary.The bus ride depends on the order of the itinerary. Space is limited, therefore we strongly suggest to book early. Due to travel season in Korea, heavy traffic jam will be expected. The clear view of the landscape is subject to the weather conditions. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes. it is strongly suggested to prepare korean won before arrival. Appropriate dress code is suggested for the visit to the temple.

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