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An excursion into the truly breathtaking views of the coastline around Hososhima, visiting a beautiful Shinto shrine and concluding our tour with a trip to a bustling souvenir shop.

Cosa vediamo
  • Omi Shinto shrine
  • Kurusu-no-Umi cape
  • Umagase cape
  • Ocean view
  • Shopping

Cosa facciamo
  • Our first destination is the Omi Shrine, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu. Although small, the temple is well worth visiting for its truly spectacular location on a precipitous cliff top overlooking the ocean.
  • Our next stop is the scenic viewpoint over Kurusu-no-Umi*, a curiously eroded cluster of rocky outcrops whose deep-blue inlets resemble a cross, where we will take in the view of a truly* unique natural phenomenon**.
  • Our final destination is Umagase cape, a deep and narrow inlet bordered by vertical rocky walls that rise up for 70 metres above the crystalline waters. We will admire the waves crashing into the rocks in an extraordinary natural phenomenon as the powerful sprays of water are launched high into the air.
  • Venturing to the very edge of the barrier with Umagase behind us, we will be rewarded with a breath-taking view over the ocean and the coastline, offering the perfect opportunity to take a few photographs to capture this unique natural landscape.
  • Finally, we end our tour with a visit to a souvenir shop where we can buy gifts or keepsakes to take home.

Cosa c'è da sapere

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